It’s time to renovate, but is there a way to save some dough? Depending on the state of your cabinets, you can avoid the bigger ticket with a simple cabinet refacing job!

Cabinet Refacing

If your cabinets are beat up, scratched, and on their last leg, replacing may be the first thing on your mind but that’s not the only option – not anymore. Not long ago, the only alternative to cabinet replacement was to paint the cabinets. Cabinet refacing has been around for a long time—essentially it is wood-veneering taken to the next level. 

Cabinet Refacing

Since cabinet refacing is a close substitute for replacement, the differences tend to blur. The main difference is that refaced cabinets have a look that is new, but the cabinet boxes, and therefore the entire cabinet layout, are not new. It’s less expensive than replacement, good for the environment since you’re not using new resources, and causes less of a mess and disruption in your home. It also requires your cabinet boxes to be in good enough shape to ‘recycle’ and means you can’t change the layout of your kitchen as the extra work would prove difficult for saving the materials. The only real refacing happens to the cabinet doors but it’s still a great way to get a new look in your kitchen while raking in the savings!

Cabinet Replacement

With cabinet replacement, all of the existing cabinets are removed. It gives you more freedom to update an old kitchen in desperate need of a layout change or a kitchen damaged by termites, water, fire, and other disasters. Experienced installers set and precisely level your base cabinets, a critical task to ensure that counters remain level enough so that everything inside is safe from damage. Cabinet replacements have better resale value and allow a full overhaul of your kitchen, but are substantially more expensive with a skill level far above that of an amateur weekend tinkerer. It’s even more important to select trusted experts when undertaking a full cabinet replacement project. That’s why Brilliant Improvements should be your first choice during your kitchen renovation!