Who We Are

Unfortunately, remodeling contractors have a bad reputation. And very often it’s well deserved. Brilliant Improvements was started in 2009 with the simple idea that we could do better. Much better. We’ve heard so many of our clients say that they wanted to have a room or space renovated, but they dreaded having strange people in their house, making a mess and just generally making them feel uncomfortable in their own home.

We get that.

While you may not know us personally yet, we are members of your community. We live here and are raising our families here. Because of that, we care about the area and have a lot at stake if we damage our reputation. So we protect our good name by doing whatever it takes to do right by our clients. It’s through our process of hard work that we’ve earned the sterling reputation we have among our peers, clients and vendors. We would love to earn your trust as well, and prove to you that there are still good tradespeople out there.

Our Core Values

Steven Sheets

Stephen Sheets


Steve was born and raised in the heart of rural Hunterdon County, a place where his family has very deep roots. He graduated from Ohio State University in 2005 with a degree in Strategic Communications. After graduating he decided to form Brilliant Improvements in order to better apply his skills and knowledge. In addition to providing outstanding service to his customers, Steve enjoys being outdoors, fishing, wrestling with his three boys, serving in his church, and reading as much as he can.

Ryan Smerillo

Ryan Smerillo

Project Manager

Ryan graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 1996 and continued his education at the New England School of Architectural Woodworking. He has 20 years of industry experience with specialties including custom-cabinetry, trimwork and finishes. Ryan is on every job site ensuring that every piece comes together perfectly. He’s an experienced expert that you can fully trust with your project. Some of Ryan’s personal interests include outdoor activities, making music and playing the bass.

Michelle Sheets

Michelle Sheets

Office Administrator

Michelle graduated from The Ohio State University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, which she later added to with a Master of Science degree in nursing at The College of New Jersey in 2008. After working at Hunterdon Medical Center for six years as a nurse, Michelle applied her talents and customer service skills to Brilliant Improvements. Michelle loves being a mom to her and Steve’s three boys and enjoys gardening and being outdoors.

Sarah Montanye

Sarah Montanye

Office Assistant

Sarah attended Cedarville University in Ohio and afterwards worked as an office administrator for the Township of Princeton. She brings invaluable experience from this role. Permits get approved quickly and without drama. We can’t imagine how we’d get by without her! She is a wife and mother of 3 children and enjoys traveling, visiting family and friends, crafting and baking.

Various Specialists

Many projects require a trade specialist such as a plumber or an electrician. We only work with specialists who have outstanding reputations, provide excellent quality workmanship, and who meet our demanding standards. These men and women are simply an extension of Brilliant Improvements and the way in which they work reflects that. We know these people, we love these people, and we know you will too.