If remodeling was easy, you probably wouldn't be visiting this website.

It’s often very complex and fraught with the potential for delays and busting budgets. We believe very strongly in clear communication throughout, and using technology to help us with the complexity of scheduling and coordinating workers. Our process makes remodeling easy on you.

When you First Reach Out To Us

Initial meeting
You’ll first meet with the owner. He does all the estimating and initial meetings. He’ll meet you in your home to discuss your project and talk about design options.

Receive Proposal

You’ll be provided with an initial proposal that will help set your budget. In many instances, you’ll be provided with a high resolution, 3D rendering of the space, so you can better visualize the final product.

Project Accepted

Once the project is accepted, you’ll be asked to digitally sign the proposal, and your job will become active. Upon becoming an active job, you will be able to log into your project’s own mini-website.

Once The Project Starts

Permits & Approvals
We will handle all of your permitting and township approvals. We are very familiar with most of the townships and know exactly how to smoothly navigate through the permitting and inspection process.

Protect Your Home

Once the project begins, we take great effort to protect the areas around the project. We lay down Ram Board®, drop cloths, and plastic as needed. We also use Zipwalls® to contain the dust in projects that are open to other rooms.

Constant Contact

Through the duration of the project you’ll be in constant contact with us. You should never feel in the dark as to the status of a particular phase or item. You’ll know exactly where things stand at the end of each day.

At The End of The Project


Clean Up

At the end of the project we begin the cleaning process; we wipe down all surfaces, polish fixtures and glass, vacuum out all drawers and cabinets, roll up protective paper and bring all boxes to the dumpster.


Finally, we arrange for the final inspections and instruct you on how to use any of the fixtures and features of your renovation project.