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There’s nothing like ending your day in a cheery, spa-like master bathroom. A bathroom remodel can go a long way towards improving your mood and outlook. Imagine plumbing fixtures that release water at just the right temperature, and just the right angle. Or tile with lifelong durability and beauty. Or even grout that’s stain-proof, never needs sealing and will easily wipe clean. All this and more goes into each of our bathroom. But all this beauty would mean nothing without a great foundation. That’s why our bathrooms are built on a waterproofing system that creates a impermeable defense in your shower and floors so if water somehow does penetrate beyond the tile or fixture, it won’t go anywhere else where mold could form and hidden damage might occur.

We can’t promise you won’t want to renovate your bathroom again 20 years from now, but we know you won’t need to. Our bathrooms are designed to be gorgeous and bulletproof. Because you shouldn’t spend more time cleaning your bathroom than you do soaking in your tub or taking a long, hot shower.

Beauty begins the moment

you decide to be yourself.

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Free Consultation

From the first meeting to the last, we’ll meet as many times as we need to get your bathroom design right.


We work hard to create a budget that you are comfortable with.
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We’ll create high-quality, photo-realistic renderings of your new bathroom, so you don’t have to simply imagine it.


No need to fear! We’ll take care of creating the necessary construction drawings, permit applications and inspections.

Site Work

All work on site will be managed, supervised and scheduled by us. Sit back and watch us craft a fabulous space!
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Clean Up

Before we call a job complete, we will wipe down and polish all fixtures and tile, vacuum the inside of your cabinets and the entire space.

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