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We all change, and so do spaces we live in. Add value to your current home and mold it to better fit your current and future needs by renovating! Not sure about where to start? First, get inspired by these bathroom renovation tips, then call Brilliant Improvements to make your dreams a reality!

Major Renovation

    • Toilet Tampering: Not all toilets are alike. Instead of continuing to use a single piece porcelain throne, modernize your space by using a toilet with a hidden tank inside the wall. This choice saves space and is ideal for small bathrooms!
    • Pump Up Piping: Most bathroom drain plumbing is 1.25 or 1.5 in PVC piping, which is prone to clogging. Consider a simple upgrade to 2 in for better quality drainage.
    • Cozy Cubbies: Don’t sacrifice space or design – when renovating add in recessed areas for storage such as laundry hampers, medicine cabinets, and more. This high-quality upgrade will make your bathroom look high-end with only a few drywall changes.
    • Setting The Mood: One of the pros of a professional renovation is that you can get to the ‘hard stuff’ such as electrical work. Take this opportunity to change or add to your current lighting. Dimming lights can help set the mood for a relaxing bath after a hard day’s work or a bright set light is ideal for professional-amateur makeup artists.
    • Heated Floors: A big ticket item, but well worth it especially with how cold it gets around here during fall and winter. Imagine going to the bathroom on a December morning and not getting goosebumps from chilly tiles! With efficiency to boot, heated floors add value to your home and save you money in energy costs long-term.
Rustic bathroom
Modern Bathroom

Design Additions That Pop

    • Textured Tile: Tile may seem outdated, but with so many choices and with a little design help from Brilliant Improvements, small textured tile goes a long way. The texture naturally helps make your shower floor slip-free, makes an impact with multicolored
      options, and feels
      great on your feet!
    • Fixture Fame: Does your bathroom have fixtures from the 1980s? It’s time for an update. Match new sinks and faucets to your overall bathroom appliances to create a uniform design. For example, do you have a black-footed claw tub? Add bronze hardware with new white over-the-counter sinks.
    • Countertops: One of the most common changes in renovations, countertops should be chosen wisely. Natural stone countertops can be expensive, but they’re also incredibly durable and fit many styles. A simple but elegant granite countertop is easy to maintain and long-lasting for long-term peace of mind! Marble and wood, however, are porous and can become easily damaged by the high-moisture air of a bathroom.