For many, the nearing of summer is a sign to start working on that home improvement project you have had in mind for some time. For those who are struggling to find inspiration for their next endeavor, may we suggest starting smaller? Instead of fixing up an entire room or adding on to your home, why not take a look at your house’s hardware? Whether it is older or you simply want to update to a newer model, there are plenty of options to revamp throughout your home. Match your home’s aesthetic while also adding reliable fixtures to whatever rooms you end up refurbishing. Here are three hardware fixtures to update this summer.

Undermount Sinks


Throughout the various rooms of your home, you are sure to find at least a few sinks depending on the layout of your kitchen and number of bathrooms present. With typically at least two sinks present, they could be in need of some restoration to keep up with the style times or simply function properly. With the sheer number of faucet designs and sink sizes, updating this fixture seemingly adds depth to your kitchen or bathroom while maintaining your flair. Add a drop-in or farmhouse sink with a modern faucet and see your home become rejuvenated right before your eyes.


The theme of water-related fixtures continues with an update to your current shower system. Sure, a shower’s main purpose is to make you feel clean after a long day of work, but that does not mean you cannot accomplish that same goal in style. While larger in scale than a sink update, the options for a new shower area can feel almost limitless, as the various styles, designs, and shower heads offer an opportunity to showcase your creativity. Think about it: a walk-in shower with a unique tile design, detachable shower head, and sliding glass door; you might have to start taking two showers a day to truly enjoy this updated fixture.

Modern shower with tile pattern
New Cabinet update


Stepping away from water-related fixtures, all across your home you are guaranteed to find a few cabinets. Whether it be in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc., you cannot take these storage units for granted. From a traditional style to a more modern, framed look, cabinets follow suit as being a versatile fixture that does not have one specific choice, making it a savvy way to slowly update your home. This also is an important accessory to keep an eye on, as lack of storage space will impact the overall look of your rooms, with clutter piling up when the cabinets start to fill up.

To top it off, updating these fixtures are a sure fire way to add value to your home immediately for the long run. Interested in updating your home? Let our team at Brilliant Improvements make your ideas a reality! Head over to our contact page to get in touch with us about your next project. We are currently offering a promotion with a full kitchen remodel that comes with a free wood range hood!